Avoid Common Earnest Money Errors

By Christina Chintis | September 10, 2020

Earnest money is a great way to show a seller you’re serious about the offer you’re making on their home. What is earnest money? Earnest money is a deposit from a buyer to a seller representing a buyer’s ‘good faith.’ The deposit is a way for the buyer to receive extra time to get financing […]

Why the Final Walk-Through is Crucial

By Christina Chintis | August 10, 2020

It’s tempting to skip the final walk-through when buying your home, but as a Realtor, I view a final walk-through a crucial step in the home buying process. Final walk-through’s assure you that the property you are purchasing is in the agreed-upon condition. Why Do a Final Walk-Through? Final walk-throughs are not a home inspection […]

Tips for Finding the Right House

By Christina Chintis | June 10, 2020

Have you decided to start hunting for a home? Congratulations! Now that you’ve decided to start looking, now lies the question, “How do you plan on finding the home you want?” Studies report that 49% of home buyers use the internet to find a home, 31% use a real estate agent and 7% look for ‘For […]

High Water Bill? Discover Hidden Water Leaks

By Christina Chintis | April 10, 2020

Did you know it’s not uncommon for more than 20% of homes to have one unidentified water leak? Small leaks that go unidentified can significantly increase your water bill over time. What Do You Do First, track your water bill. Look back on your water bill history over the past months, or even year, and […]

Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom More Spacious

By Christina Chintis | February 10, 2020

Master bathrooms with twin sinks, a luxury tub, and walk-in dual-headed showers require large spaces, not to mention, they also require a significant amount of money.  Fortunately, if you have a small bathroom, there are some tips and tricks you can do to transform your small bathroom into a more spacious and comfortable space. Just […]

How to Avoid Disappointment with Your Lender

By Christina Chintis | December 10, 2019

Home buyers often do not realize how complex and competitive the lending process can be. For many (especially first-time buyers) there’s only a hazy idea of “the bank” approving or denying them a mortgage. Understandably, many consumers are not educated on how to shop for a loan or that investing a little time upfront can […]

Understanding Home Owners Associations

By Christina Chintis | October 10, 2019

If you’re a first-time buyer and are confused about what a Home Owners Association is (or does), you should definitely ask the right questions before you consider buying. Basically, an HOA is an organization which is designed to protect the quality of life and property values for owners within a neighborhood or shared building. Although, […]

Retirement Communities in Prescott

By Christina Chintis | August 10, 2019

Retirees LOVE Prescott Looking to retire?  Maybe you want to downsize and move to a retirement community with less maintenance and more activity?  Prescott, Arizona, has been voted numerous times over the years as one of the number one places to retire.  It isn’t a mystery to why we get that recognition,  Prescott is a great […]

Protecting Your Valuables During a Move

By Christina Chintis | June 10, 2019

Moving isn’t cheap. And really, it shouldn’t be. If it is, you might find out how expensive it can get when all of your valuable possessions have been destroyed in the move! Whether you’re hiring a company to help you relocate, or you’re planning a DIY (Do It Yourself) adventure, keep these handy tips in […]