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Buying a Home How to Dispute an Error on Your Credit History Discovering an error on your credit history report can be an unpleasant surprise when attempting to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Though most people don’t think about the details of their credit report until they need to secure a loan, it’s an excellent idea to periodically check your report for inaccuracies. Checking your credit reports […]
Buying a Home Protect Your Investment: Ask the Right Questions When you are preparing to invest your hard-earned money into a home, it is essential to learn everything about that home’s history. While there are common questions about a home’s condition, history, and location, buyers often overlook some vital issues.  Don’t rely on sellers to volunteer this information. In some cases, they may not even […]
Buying a Home Should You Negotiate Repairs Before Closing? Home Inspection Repair Decisions Even though I am a realtor with extensive real estate experience, the word ‘inspection’ tends to make me and many of my clients uncomfortable. It is understandable that being ‘inspected’ can make you uncomfortable. If you are the seller, you don’t want to lose the sale. If you are the buyer, […]
Buying a Home How You Know When to Make an Offer House hunting can be overwhelming.  As realtors, we genuinely understand that you are preparing to make a substantial financial and emotional investment. As a future homeowner, you take great care to find a place that is “just right” for you as well as your family. You can even get a little addicted to touring houses, always […]
Buying a Home Avoid Common Earnest Money Errors Earnest money is a great way to show a seller you’re serious about the offer you’re making on their home. What is earnest money? Earnest money is a deposit from a buyer to a seller representing a buyer’s ‘good faith.’ The deposit is a way for the buyer to receive extra time to get financing […]
Buying a Home Why the Final Walk-Through is Crucial It’s tempting to skip the final walk-through when buying your home, but as a Realtor, I view a final walk-through a crucial step in the home buying process. Final walk-through’s assure you that the property you are purchasing is in the agreed-upon condition. Why Do a Final Walk-Through? Final walk-throughs are not a home inspection […]
Buying a Home Tips for Finding the Right House Have you decided to start hunting for a home? Congratulations! Now that you’ve decided to start looking, now lies the question, “How do you plan on finding the home you want?” Studies report that 49% of home buyers use the internet to find a home, 31% use a real estate agent and 7% look for ‘For […]
Buying a Home How to Avoid Disappointment with Your Lender Home buyers often do not realize how complex and competitive the lending process can be. For many (especially first-time buyers) there’s only a hazy idea of “the bank” approving or denying them a mortgage. Understandably, many consumers are not educated on how to shop for a loan or that investing a little time upfront can […]
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Buying a Home Protecting Your Valuables During a Move Moving isn’t cheap. And really, it shouldn’t be. If it is, you might find out how expensive it can get when all of your valuable possessions have been destroyed in the move! Whether you’re hiring a company to help you relocate, or you’re planning a DIY (Do It Yourself) adventure, keep these handy tips in […]
Buying a Home Down Payment Saving Tips Every month you pay the rent, you’re probably thinking, “I wish this money was going into my future.” For a lot of would-be first-time home buyers, it’s the down payment which makes home ownership seem impossible. Climbing the “down payment mountain” isn’t impossible. Like any major challenge, it’s all a matter of breaking your big, […]
Buying a Home Don’t Make These 3 Home Buying Mistakes There are numerous rollercoasters in life, and buying a home can be one of them.  But, when done correctly, the rollercoaster doesn’t need to be as big as California Screamin’, it can be more like the curvy track at the County Fair. As a realtor, my goal is to save buyers and sellers pain and […]
Buying a Home Home Hunt Tip: Don’t Disregard These 6 Crucial Details Think you’ve found the perfect home? Think again. There are six little details which can turn an ideal house into the world’s most annoying location. Before you make your offer, take into account these six smalls, but surprisingly important details: #1: Check Your Cell Reception Does your future dream home have cell reception? Check your […]